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Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing as a Service

Yaman as an engineering software company and quality certifier.

Be sure about the quality of your software with our Functional Certification on an ongoing basis.

Yaman guarantees and maintains the quality of its digital products through the technique CTAAS - Continuous Testing As a Service: testing service for any company that seeks continuous quality in its software and needs to deliver digital platforms free of flaws and BUGs.

Benefits for your digital product

We certify your software functionality before release to avoid production issues and a poor customer experience.

Features will always be tested incrementally. After being automated and placed in the cycle of the software development process, we start to certify the quality of your digital platform through robots and people.

  • Reduce your software quality costs.
  • Scale your business with quality today and always, without depending and suffering from people turnover.
  • Track and evolve your KPIs and quality processes.
  • Accelerate time-to-market with tested digital platforms in the shortest time on the market.
  • Have the support of a certifier with automated processes in your software development treadmill.
  • Deliver a satisfying experience to your end customers with as little friction as possible, and earn an excellent reputation.
  • Support for over 160 technologies.

The Yaman way

How CTAAS works

  1. At the beginning of the sprint, we identify and map what needs to be tested.
  2. We run the automation by starting the testing cycle, which will certify that each application does what it should.
  3. We make the treadmill run and return errors and bugs to the customer.
  4. Thus, at the end of the sprint, the features are published with 100% guaranteed functioning.
  5. The following month the quality test is redone for other features and changes, and so on.
  6. It is a continuous and recurring service for each release, which implies a monthly plan: Application quality certification journey.

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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