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Continuous Testing

What is Continuous Testing?

Testing automation in applications

Continuous Testing is the process of running automated tests as part of the continuous software delivery pipeline in order to gain business risk feedback, improving and extending test automation to address increasing complexity and the pace of development and delivery of modern apps.


Reduce development cycles by delivering quality applications and features

Continuous Testing is an indispensable part of DevSecOps practice to achieve time-to-market and continuous delivery. The tests range from Shift-left to Shift-right, giving clients the peace of mind in knowing that their application will be delivered and tested.

  • Speed up your digital transformation
  • Ensure business continuity with SAP4Hanna migrations
  • Increased development quality: gain insights that help you identify and solve problems faster
  • Apply continuous deliveries in practice with guaranteed quality
  • Feedback right from the early stages of development
  • Underscore continuous end-to-end Automation (Shift-left and Shift-right)


Speed up your digital transformation with Continuous Testing

Continuous Testing is much more than just running test scripts and doesn't necessarily require an Agile team!

Functional Tests

End-to-End regressive Test

BI and Data Warehouse Testing

Protect the integrity of your information

Load testing

Ensure performance and scalability

Testing for applications

SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, SNOW

Risk based testing

Align testing to your business priorities

Test Data Management

Parameterize tests and eliminate hassles with mass test data

Exploratory Tests

Identify critical defects quickly

Service Virtualization

Mobile and Cross-platform Testing

API Testing

Do you want to deliver quality, secure and performance applications at the speed your business needs?

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