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Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

Application Security

Build resilience, staving off data attacks and leaks by adopting security tests throughout your digital business journey - testing your application, data, and development process security quickly and efficiently.


Secure data and applications enable reliable business growth

Having a secure application with Cyber Security up and running is ensuring secure data so that a business can gain competitiveness and secure growth through quality, secure applications built at the needed business pace.

  • Reduce spending on security troubleshooting by increasing the efficiency and quality of your development process
  • Anticipate security breaches that cause sensitive data to leak by adopting a security shif-lefting approach
  • Make Security a Go-to-Market Facilitator
  • Use the security by design concept to assist the development team in building secure applications
  • Automatically check applications that are in development and identify malicious code that is part of your application beforehand

16% of security breaches in tested applications have medium, high, or critical risk

Source: Trustwave (via TechBeacon)


Product Catalog

  • Application Security Test:

    • SAST

      Application Security Test enables you to quickly and efficiently identify and remedy security gaps in your code. As systems are fully integrated to your development track, safety testing is straightforward, with no impact to development process agility. Once gaps are identified, they are easily interpreted and corrected through guidance provided by the tool itself.

    • SCA

      Our Software Composition Analysis solution identifies risks in Open Source libraries quickly, which reduces unplanned vulnerability mitigation work and ensures that libraries have no licensing risks.

      SCA helps ensure that deliveries are on schedule and safety compliant, while at the same time facilitating decision making.

    • DAST

      Dynamic Application Security Test combines deep analysis with speed and accuracy. With its easy implementation, identify vulnerabilities before the software is published. With its robust engineering, the results are less than 1% false/positive, ensuring your team doesn't waste time with unnecessary remediation, focusing on quality and speed of delivery.

    • Greenlight

      Deliver applications safely and quickly through code analysis already embedded in the developer's IDE. Through constant identification of failures and guidance on action, your team will be able to identify security gaps much quicker and will incorporate the secure development culture faster, enhancing security practices without compromising agility.

    • Automatic Code Review

      Automate code review even before it goes to the next the development cycle quickly with the integration of SAST Sandbox and Greenlight. This approach helps in reviewing most programming languages, making this task faster and more objective, saving time and resources.

  • Web Application Firewall:

    Dynamically protect your applications from threats and ensure the security and continuity of your business. Through a dynamic profile, WAF identifies application behavior as well as known threats and new threats.

    Using the Virtual Patch technique, mitigate risks quickly without having to intervene in your application. Integrating WAF with your secure development environment, automatically create protection rules through SAST and DAST results .

  • Database Security:

    Gain visibility into everything that happens to your database and protect information efficiently. Ensure data privacy and control actions by using Database Monitor and Database Firewall solutions. In addition, with an analysis system, take faster action to improve the reliability and availability of information.

    Detect and prioritize threats using machine learning and behavior analysis. Gain greater visibility by monitoring and auditing database activity.

    Reduce security and compliance risks by discovering and classifying sensitive data by disrupting unauthorized access and suspicious actions by adhering to LGPD, PCI and HIPAA. Also, eliminate data leak risks by applying data masking techniques when they are in a non-productive environment.

Services Catalog

  • Security Development Journey:

    Awareness on the need for security at the application level has grown as a result of increased targeted and financially motivated application level attacks. Yaman Professional Application Security Services helps your business bridge the security gap in your applications. What's more, Yaman helps you have a secure application development culture and process.

    Using key secure development frameworks, we help you implement the secure development journey by gaining visibility into the maturity level of your team and helping you reach the highest possible levels, ensuring security throughout your application lifecycle.

  • Training:

    In order to assure a secure approach throughout your application development cycle, Yaman provides secure development training through an online platform, targeting major programming languages such as Java, .NET and Python, as well as training focused on development cycle best practices.

    Through periodic workshops, our team also helps to disseminate the secure development culture to your team.

  • Web Application Pentest:

    By addressing the best identification techniques, our pentest service helps identify breaches and vulnerabilities at deeper levels, as our work focuses on your application behavior and takes into account business rules. Our job is to analyze and re-analyze the breaches in which we can help our client to minimize the dangers that such breaches may pose to their application.

Specialized professionals

Yaman offers its customers expert professionals to support them in ensuring security throughout the software lifecycle. Our professionals help implement security rules and frameworks that support the company in the constant improvement of its secure development maturity level.

We offer a variety of professionals who are prepared to focus on your needs, such as Architects, Specialists and Security Analysts, all who are experts in application security.

  • Security Champion:

    Evangelize and disseminate secure development culture in your company.

    Our Security Champions support your team in designing secure application architecture, secure agile development processes, and expanding the secure development culture to improve security, without hindering business speed.

  • Security Specialist:

    A professional responsible for working with the Information Security team, assisting in defining procedures, information security analysis indicators (KPI's), writing reports, creating and validating technical documentation, outlining strategies to remove bottlenecks and proposing improvements in Cyber Security processes.

    Is knowledgable on Agile methodology, maturity frameworks, programming, code analysis, intrusion and prevention techniques, Application Security and DevSecOps.

  • DevSecOps Specialist:

    A professional who supports in the implementation of security analysis components within a development and delivery track, ensuring at all time a secure development approach without impacting delivery agility.

    Has technical expertise in CI/CD track configurations, source and binary versioning systems, compilation mechanisms, automated safety testing, metric generation and track evidence.

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