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What is DevSecOps?

The definitive track for modern applications

Yaman's DevSecOps is a customer support service to implement a flow of automated software deployment that enables fast and frequent delivery of new versions, ensuring quality, safety and adherence to user expectations, eliminating waste.


Ensure competitiveness in digital business

Having a DevSecOps track up and running ensures competitiveness gains for your business through quality, secure applications developed at the pace your business needs, delivering unique experiences to your customers

  • Business guided development
  • High market responsiveness
  • Quality and secure products
  • IT environment conducive to change


There are 3 main pillars that are important in order to reach the full potential of a DevSecOps track

Automations that accelerate and improve application delivery consistency.

Programmable and dynamic software defined platform.

Collaborative culture that values openness and transparency.

How does it work?

Continuous iterations at every step, from planning to customer feedback

DevSecOps aims to create a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software and services happen quickly, frequently, and with minimal support, with the purpose of continually increasing your business advantage and customer satisfaction. DevSecOps includes as its practices Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and Continuous Delivery.

The 6 steps are:

  • Plan
  • Build and Code
  • Continuous Testing
  • Release and Deploy
  • Operate and Monitor
  • Continuous Security


There are 3 options depending on your needs

Pipeline CI / CD

DevSecOps tracks deployment based on the flow of software development and delivery for standardization, traceability and process automation. We operate with leading market orchestrators integrated with ALM software for automated compilation, provisioning, validation, metrics and feedback.

DevSecOps Quality Improvement

Optimize CI / CD orchestrated validations to eliminate waste by reducing Work in Progress (WIP), job reuse and process management analysis.

Automated Testing

Functional (unitary, static inspections, integration, APIs, mobile, ERP, mainframe and BDD) and non-functional standalone (Performance, Safety and Accessibility) automated quality tests orchestrated by DevSecOps tracks.

Continuous Testing

Test culture is enacted during software development so that tests are built and executed at the delivery pace your business needs. Mass management, service virtualization, Shiftleft Testing and automated test coding.

Continuous Improvement

Development of robots to collect metrics and to consolidate executive KPIs that allow us to identify where and when to invest in DevSecOps process improvements. Development of updated web dashboards in real time.

Real User Monitoring

Through tools, we can measure the end customer experience and retro-feed the track with insights into the individual customer behavior as well as the application.

DevSecOps Strategy-Foundation

Analysis of your processes, technologies and cultural aspects to guide you in implementing the DevSecOps culture. Presentation of current DevSecOps maturity level, documentation of standards to be adopted, and an action plan to reach high levels, with tool suggestions, process optimizations and proliferation of a collaborative culture.

Delivering strategies that include versioning, artifact management, risk mitigation, infrastructure automation, agile database management, and management of changes and continuous improvement.

Mindset DevOps

Through in-company, exclusive, closed-class training, we give your team the knowledge that prepares them in for the EXIN DevOps international certificate exam.

This training will be taught by Yaman and is EXIN recognized as the official provider of this course.

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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