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What is Predictor?

Get predictions regarding the status of your company's IT infrastructure capacity.

Predictor is an infrastructure item consumption prediction platform. It automates the capacity management process and provides an accurate diagnosis of risks, capacity, underutilization and idleness of your technology park, allowing you to expand the area's operational intelligence, transforming and simplifying processes, for increasingly assertive decision making.

Benefits for your business

With Predictor, you can make decisions in a calm and informed way.

Using our solution you will know everything before it happens! Through Machine Learning and Advanced Analytics, Predictor reads and projects future data, giving predictions for the next 3, 6 and 12 months.

Thus, your applications and websites will never be down again due to lack of infrastructure and as a result you reduce costs, errors and have more assertiveness in decision making!

  • Agentless and easy integration
  • Reduce risk and hold those responsible accountable
  • Take precautionary action against incidents
  • Optimize costs by identifying idle resources early
  • Predictive ops management
  • Easy planing with settings items
  • Make decisions predictively
  • Maintain availability while spending as little as possible


The Predictor shows the future

With it, it is possible to accurately identify the dates of potential incidents, the need for investment in hardware, followed in a predictive way, and anomalies in consumption data.

  • Consolidates data in one place, allowing a holistic view of the operation.

  • Simplifies IT Capacity Management by automating complex and manual processes.

  • Reduces manual activities and, consequently, errors from these activities.


It's simple. Just plug and predict!

Predictor is customizable according to your company's characteristics. Our connectors are customizable and integrate with each client's business model and metrics, systems and infrastructure.

20+ existing Integrations

We are integrated with several market tools.

In addition to these tools, Predictor can ingest data from any tool as long as it comes from a CSV file.

Streamline processes for increasingly assertive decision making with Predictor

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