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What is Predictor?

Simplify IT Infrastructure Capacity Management Processes

Predictor is an IT Infrastructure Capacity Management automation platform based on a set of technologies, including Analytics and Machine Learning, that enables you to expand the operational intelligence of the area by transforming and streamlining processes for increasingly assertive decision making.


Plan the capacity of your operation

The intelligence system of Yaman Predictor has the potential of eliminating repetitive processes, understanding the behavior of your environment and promote strategic management of resources, with incredible 99.9% of prediction accuracy.

  • Support digital business initiatives
  • Intelligent and predictive infrastructure management
  • Cost reduction with unused licenses, storages, unused cloud
  • Predictive ops management
  • Resilience
  • Availability
  • Easy planing with settings items
  • Simulate scenarios and get to know the impact on your business
  • Take precautionary action against incidents
  • Reduce risk and hold those responsible accountable
  • Reduce costs and waste
  • Agentless and easy integration


Streamline processes for increasingly assertive decision making

Transform and simplify your company's IT Infrastructure Capacity Management processes with Analytics and Machine Learning


Predictor Insights

Receive notifications on behavioral deviance, anomalies, etc.

Custom Dashboard

View the status of your applications based on criticality and waste

Critical mission

Build your capacity plan based on a project (eg business date)

More features

  • Agentless

    Non-intrusive, consuming only the provided information

  • Customizable connectors

    Integration with each customer's business model, metrics, systems and infrastructure

  • Retroactive charging

    Historical basis intake to guarantee accuracy starting at the first projection

  • Collection robots

    Data transport structure for each type of technology

  • Load Automation

    Data transfer and ingestion according to the customer's available granularity and frequency

  • Cleaning / Cleansing

    Data cleaning and handling in the load automation flow

  • Daily report

    With behavioral deviations

  • Analysis

    Of underused components

  • Projection

    Of IT infrastructure capacity for the short and long term

  • Management

    Of high complexity environments


Predictor is customizable according to company characteristics

Our connectors are customizable and integrate with each client's business model, systems and infrastructure.


Predictor is available in the following modalities

Predictor Cloud

Accessible via the web through login. Ideal for flexible projects.

Predictor On-premises

Installed on company premises. Ideal for projects that require restricted access and lower latency.

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