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Quality consultancy on applications

Improve customer experience by delivering applications that are well tested and that meet your quality, performance, security requirements, both at the speed your business needs and based on constant customer feedback.

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About Yaman

Quality consultancy on applications

Yaman is one of the main application quality assurance companies in brazil, specialized on delivering reliable, secure and performant applications for all its customers.


Digital Accessibility

Ensure digital inclusion in your business

Digital accessibility is an important issue to ensure equal opportunities and the inclusion of all individuals in the digital age.

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The definitive track for modern applications

Deliver proven, quality, performance, secure applications at the speed your business needs and based on customer feedback - all continuously.

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Continuous Testing

Tests from shift-left to shift-right

Achieve quality without slowing down the delivery and development cycles of your software.

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Site Reliability Engineering

Our SRE team is responsible in guaranteeing the availability of your business 24x7, deliverying constant optimizations and surpassing expectations.

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Cyber Security

Application Security

Gaps in your application can cause regulations and even financial problemas, and make you lose the trust of your customers.

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Software Engineering

Creation of complete software solutions

We create software solutions with speed and efficiency, ranging from specification, design, development, and testing to production delivery.

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Capacity planning with prediction

With more than 30 tools and a customizable dashboard, Predictor enables management vision and incident anticipation with the precision needed for quick decision making.

Yaman Predictor's intelligent system has the potential to eliminate repetitive processes, learn from the environment's behavior and provide a strategic view of resources with incredible prediction at 99.9% accuracy.

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Use Cases

We offer products and services designed specifically for your role or business needs. Check this out:

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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