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What's SRE?

Site Reliability Engineering

A collection of systems and software engineering principles used to design and operate resilient scalable systems. Site reliability engineers continually collaborate with developers to design and enhance systems that meet service level objectives.


Ensure great user experience and reduce back office support

Availability is essential for any digital business and for consumer's experience. Our SRE team is responsible to guarantee the availability of your business 24x7, delivering constant optimizations and surpassing expectations.

An SRE team applies good practices and organizational standards - usually in combination with DevOps practices and tools - and applies them to responsibilities such as risk management, release engineering, monitoring, self-healing, incidents, and management issues. Our SRE area helps our clients create ultra-scalable and highly resilient applications.

  • Environment stability
  • IT budget predictability (On-premise / Cloud) generating early visibility to investment needs
  • Incidents reduction in productive environment
  • Improved End User Experience
  • Improved quality of squad or factory deliveries
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Quality improvement starting at development (shift-left) that go through evaluations in approval and production.
  • Improved availability of environments / systems


There are several modular options, suitable to your current challenge and reality

Stress Test

Construction of robots and automated environments to test and generate results;

Capacity planning

Execution of management and Capacity Planning in order to mitigate unavailability risks due to lack of computational resources (physical or logical);

Stabilization Journey

Expertise in analysis and diagnostics of slowness and unavailability, generating recommendations that correct the root cause.

CIO Dashboard

Executive dashboards generation present in all non-functional quality shift-left steps deploying inspection tools, assisting testing and validation strategies, analyzing and generating recommendations;

Service Virtualization

Building service virtualization strategies (mitigate dependencies) and mass data generation for testing;

Performance Squad (formerly CoE)

Proactive analysis in a productive environment seeking resilience and scalability reducing investment.

Robotic automation

Repetitive manual tasks automation.

Chaos engineering

Through built-in hypotheses, tests are performed that help you build confidence in a particular system, identifying potential single points of failure in a controlled test, where the goal is to bring chaos into your environment to strengthen your unknown strengths.

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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