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For Brazilians, apps are as important as eating, drinking and breathing

The question that was recently asked is: “Do you know how important your smartphone apps are in your life? Can they be considered more important than eating and drinking? Or as important as sunshine or being present with our families? ”

According to the results of A10 Networks Application Intelligence Report – AIR, personal and professional applications are so integrated into our lives that many people around the world believe it is impossible and even physically impossible, uncomfortable living without them, comparing their importance to the basic needs of human beings like eating, drinking, breathing and socializing.

For the survey, more than 2,000 people were interviewed from business and IT professionals from companies in a variety of industries in ten countries, representing some of the largest economies and the fastest growing technology adopters, including, in addition to Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The AIR survey used a simple approach to examine the human and cultural sides of technology trends, especially the interaction of people with applications and the growing information security implications that impact personal and professional lives.

58% of Brazilians believe applications are equally or as important as water

Source: a10networks.com

Some of the key findings from the survey show that 58 percent of Brazilians believe applications are just as important or as important as water, food and housing, compared to a global average of 49 percent.

When asked about their dependence on applications, 96% of Brazilians answered that they cannot live without them or that they could, but that would be a big effort. The world average is also high at 84%.

Brazilians also responded that they would rather lose their pants and car keys than lose their smartphone, second only to the Chinese and South Koreans, as to the desperation of losing the device.

Even with all this dependence, Brazilians only care about information security when downloading and installing applications – 86% agree that there are risks, above the world average of 83%. After this step, two out of three Brazilians put their confidence that developers and their companies’ IT department will take care of the security of their devices against cyber criminals.

When asked about potential cyber attack victims, 29 percent said, “Just try not to think about it,” and 50 percent rely on manufacturers, companies, developers, and IT staff to keep them safe.

Still, Brazilians misbehave when it comes to passwords – 44% use the same passcode for all or most of their apps, compared to the global average of 40% in the rest of the countries.

44% use the same passcode for all or most of their apps, compared to the global average of 40% in the rest of the countries.

Source: IT Fórum 365


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