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Success Cases

Azul Seguros

Azul Seguros invests in software and infrastructure testing. As a result, it guarantees the best user experience on its platforms during advertising campaign on Globo channel.

With the support of Yaman, Azul Seguros’ applications functioned without system crashes, supporting more than 50,000 simultaneous users during an advertising campaign on Brazil’s most famous reality show.


Large volume of hits without crashing and without compromising the user experience

Azul Seguros promoted a major action to publicize its new car insurance product, the Azul Seguro Auto, a subscription service, which is 100% digital, with an affordable price, monthly payment and no membership fee. On April 17, 2022, the brand sponsored one of the final tests of Big Brother Brasil 22, on Globo channel.

Due to the great popularity of the program, which has a huge audience in the country, even more so in the leader’s test days, Azul Seguros platforms should support the large volume of hits without crashing and without compromising the user experience.

The challenges were:

  • How to keep the user experience, something so important in Porto Seguro's culture, running smoothly during the BBB campaign?
  • How to deal with such a large volume of accesses, without having any unavailability and without extrapolating cloud costs?

Together with Yaman, a software engineering and quality company, a partner of Porto Seguro for more than 9 years, some goals were established:

  • Set up a testing environment robust enough to simulate real behavior on D-day;
  • Build the robots that could simulate human behavior and use them to test and stimulate the platform with high load volume and simultaneous accesses spread around the world;
  • Run load and stress tests without impacting current production environment;
  • Identify possible bottlenecks, capacity and throughput of the platform;
  • Remove potential bottlenecks by making improvements to code, using modern techniques to make an application fast and efficient at the same time, without extrapolating cloud costs.

Over three months of the project, after several tests and improvements were implemented, we were able to achieve the volume expectations that were initially set.


The numbers were very satisfying!

  • 50,000 simultaneous users/accesses were simulated without a system crash;
  • There was no unavailability and/or slowness in the applications during the BBB disclosure, allowing the action to happen without complications;
  • In addition, by implementing the 34 improvement recommendations indicated by Yaman, Azul Seguros obtained cloud cost reduction without losing performance.

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