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Success Cases

Banco Votorantim

Automatization opens business opportunities and other advantages to Banco Votorantim

The Bank used spreadsheets and systems for data extraction and collection, which was no longer viable given the volume of information. With automation, they were able to deliver analytical and business-driven results.


Automation of repetitive manual tasks

In 2017, there was a complex scenario in which the bank used various spreadsheets and systems for data extraction and collection. This scenario required a great deal of manual effort and a lot of time.

The need to keep up with new technologies, connecting to more data sources, through product logs and databases, to expand the scope and performance of the area, demanded more from the team. With the increasing volume of information, it was no longer possible to support this data in spreadsheets, until then used to consolidate, make adjustments and projections.


Automated collecting, instrumented load testing robots and data cleaning

Predictor was implemented. With it, it was possible to automate the gathering of data, load testing and data cleaning. The tool made it easy to centralize information, increasing the scope of the technologies and components monitored, as well as reducing operational effort, directing the team's performance towards increasingly analytical and business-focused deliveries.

To complete the implementation, which lasted about 03 months, it was required six employees: three operations, one project, one database and one manager. The bank's investment generated around R$ 450 thousand.


R$1 million in database disk idle opportunities was quickly identified

Marcelo Maylinch, IT Coordinator - Capacity Planning and Infrastructure Projects at Banco Votorantim.


1-day data collection, greater insight and significant cost savings

We can mention a few benefits:

  • R$ 1 million in idle disk opportunity was quickly identified in databases
  • We increased by 300% the support performance with weekly FUP on monitored items;
  • Time it to compose monthly executive reports document reduced from 13 to 1 day;
  • Today it's possible to project the whole infrastructure in 24 hours.
  • In addition, there was a reduction of staff, about 547 hours per month and reduction of overtime.


Park projection in less than 24 hours and efficiency at 99.13%

"As a strategy of operation, we mapped all manual processes, which were prioritized and automated according to time and effort of delivery, adding efficiency from day one."

"Atualmente o Banco Votorantim possui: 3.950 itens de configuração, distribuídos entre data center, facilities e infraestrutura e servidores; 1.338 servidores; 21.679 file systems, distribuídos entre 12 frames; 2,76 peta bytes; 82 instâncias de banco de dados, que possuem mais de 2.500 componentes coletados; mais 1 milhão de registros armazenados por dia, que incrementam uma base histórica superior a 3 anos. Hoje, projetamos 100% deste parque em menos de 24hrs, prevendo 730 dias a frente. Nos últimos 6 meses, realizamos mais 1.331 recomendações preventivas, evitando incidentes em produção derivados de tendência de crescimento, mudança de comportamento influenciadas por demandas de negócio ou sistêmicas e desvios por causas adversas. Essa atuação nos garante um Índice de 99,13% de eficiência."

About Banco Votorantim

Banco Votorantim is currently one of the largest Brazilian banks in assets and has a robust shareholder base, formed by a strategic partnership between Banco do Brasil, the largest financial institution in the country, and Grupo Votorantim - one of the largest private conglomerates in South America.

Founded in 1988 as a securities distributor (DTVM), Banco Votorantim S.A. started operating as a multiple bank since 1991.

Historically, it was primarily active in the wholesale, treasury and investment segments. In recent years, Banco Votorantim has grown and broadened its scope, seeking to increase its revenue and asset base through a diversified portfolio of businesses, internally classified as Wholesale and Retail.

Site: www.bancovotorantim.com.br

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