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Grupo Oscar

Yaman focuses on Customer Journey in Oscar Calçados network speeds up payment transactions

Objectively implemented to remove IT bottlenecks and accelerate applications that impacted payment transactions, providing a satisfying customer experience throughout the shopping journey for the chain.


Slow or unvailable cashier software

  • Difficulties due to software instability directly impacted cashier's performance;
  • Improved availability of environments / systems;
  • Annoyance to the point of cancelation by customers due to application that didn't respond;
  • Daily resets needed.


Diagnostics and correction in IT

To address the issue, Oscar Calçados hired Yaman to diagnose and correct errors and failures in the IT environment. Yaman systematically searched for the root cause of the problem, establishing quality procedures for application analysis, diagnosis and correction.

According to Yaman APM Manager Lo-Ami Silvestres, Oscar Calçados is on an evolutionary journey of improving its IT. "In this phase of analysis, corrections, and recommendations, we have resolved the critical slowdown and downtime bugs caused by outdated technology, software, database access components, server versioning, and application code failures. As a result, we mitigate application intermittence problems, increase the performance of the IT environment and stabilize the entire system to perform at peak times," explains Silvestres.

"After implementing necessary corrections, bank access applications are running at high performance. Current earnings can be viewed daily from the network's IT monitoring dashboards," says Yaman's APM manager.


Analysis, diagnostics and fixes

The software wa stabilized to keep its performance during peak hour.

"We resolved critical slowdown and unavailability caused by outdated technology, software, components of database, server version and code failures in the applications."

— Lo-Ami Silvestres, Yaman APM Manager


An evolutionary journey to improve your IT

Among the gains for Oscar Calçados:

  • Fixed critical bugs of slow and unavailability;
  • We have updated the software technology park, database access components, server version and application code failures;
  • We mitigated application intermittence issues;
  • We increase the performance of the IT environment;
  • System stabilization.


We stabilized the entire system to keep performance during peak hour

The next step, according to Oscar Footwear, is to carry out performance testing in an QA environment along its development rack to identify opportunities for improved application response time. "Our focus is to provide the best experience for our customers in both physical stores and e-commerce", says Ribeiro.

About Grupo Oscar

Oscar Calçados is a reputable shoe network that has been in the market forover 35 years old, and has a network of 28 stores. Present withinSao Paulo in the cities of Sao Jose dos Campos, Jacarei, Guaratingueta,Taubaté, Mogi das Cruzes, Suzano, Pindamonhangaba, Lorraine, Caraguatatuba,Araçatuba, Baurú and Sao Jose do Rio Preto. The network has about 1,700employees and has over 500,000 customers throughFest Club loyalty card.

The mission: to provide customer fashion and the satisfaction of well being.

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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