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Swile significantly reduces infrastructure costs and optimizes the user experience by investing in testing.

With the support of Yaman and the Green Code Service Center, Swile (a corporate benefits company) optimizes the user experience and performance of its application, accelerating operations and reducing infrastructure costs by 50%.


Provide a high-performance application during the exponential growth of a startup

Swile, a corporate benefits company founded in 2018, has experienced great growth in recent years. With international investment, increasing its popularity and customer roster, the user base has grown significantly.

This situation led to the need to seek improvements so that the platform could support the large volume of daily accesses, and mainly, the peak of accesses that occurs during the turn of the month period, when users access the app to check out its benefits.

Desse modo, a empresa se viu em um débito técnico que não podia mais ser adiado, pois nos picos de acesso havia lentidão, queda de sistema, o aplicativo ficava inoperante diversas vezes, o servidor não respondia, e ocorriam atrasos no crédito dos usuários. A situação só voltava ao normal ao longo do dia, quando o número de acessos caia.

Given this scenario, the challenge was: how to guarantee a good user experience and deal with a large number of accesses without having any unavailability and without extrapolating infrastructure costs?

Seeking to improve the application’s performance and reduce costs, Swile relied on the technology expertise of Yaman, a software engineering and quality company.

Together, some goals were established:

  • Ensure, verify and handle more than 10 thousand simultaneous accesses, mainly in peak periods (turn of the month);
  • Run load and stress tests without impacting current production environment;
  • Identify possible bottlenecks and platform capacity;
  • Remove bottlenecks by making improvements in code, through Yaman's Green Code framework, using modern techniques to ensure that an application is fast and efficient at the same time, without exceeding infrastructure costs.

Perfect partner

“We had a disruptive product in the benefits segment, and with a lean team, as every startup… As the user base grows, we face a series of deficiencies in operational capacity, infrastructure and security…​ ​ In order for us to stay at the forefront of being able to innovate and improve our product, we found in Yaman the perfect partner.”

— Marcelo Ramos, Founding Partner da Swile


Green Code Service Center

Working with continuous analysis and generation of weekly reports with proposals for improvements, Swile obtained excellent results in terms of performance and cost reduction, in record time.

“There was a guarantee that we would be able to optimize our operation in the first 3 months… Already in the first month we had gains of 40% in improvements”

— Fábio Manfrinato, Tech/Engineering at Swile

To overcome the challenges, Yaman brought the culture of code quality and efficiency through the Green Code Service Center.

Green Code is a Yaman service that performs continuous analysis and weekly reports with proposals for code and infrastructure improvements so that applications deliver the best experience, with maximum performance and minimum consumption, consequently becoming more sustainable.


Achievements at Swile

After optimization reports and recommendations from Yaman:

  • The system no longer showed slowdowns or unavailability, nor delays in user credit;
  • Application opening time dropped from 13 to 2 seconds;
  • 12% increase in the volume of simultaneous requests in the production environment;
  • 50% reduction in infrastructure spending;
  • 400% improvement in performance;
  • Between March and September 2022 the NPS jumped from 39% to 69%;
  • The app’s score on the Playstore increased from 1.7 to 4.3.

Understands our needs

"Yaman was a partner that was able to understand our needs and act at that moment when it was critical for us, helping to improve performance, economy and giving our team the opportunity to keep the roadmap they were on... As a result we had an amazing app that opens fast, performs well, does the best cost center in relation to cloud capacity, server and all that is necessary for a technology company. And all I can do is recommend Yaman!"

— Marcelo Ramos, Founding Partner da Swile

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