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Digital Accessibility

What is it

Ensure digital inclusion in your business and access a profitable and underexplored market.

Digital accessibility means ensuring that digital technologies can be used by all people, regardless of their abilities or limitations. This involves creating products and services that are easy to use and have features that assist people with disabilities or limitations in accessing them effectively, without barriers. Digital accessibility is an important issue to ensure equal opportunities and the inclusion of all individuals in the digital age.


Make your digital business accessible to everyone!

In Brazil, about 46 million people have some type of disability*, which represents 25% of the population. However, only 0.89% of Brazilian websites are digitally accessible and cater to this audience.

Are you missing the opportunity to reach this audience with your products and services? Looking into digital accessibility can bring numerous benefits to your business.

* Census2010/IBGE
  • Serve an important market segment.
    US$ 22 billion moved per year by Brazilians with disabilities
    US$ 8 trillion of available income among people with disabilities
  • Optimize your investments
    With accessibility supporting SEO strategies, you will have optimization in advertising and marketing investments.
  • Improve your reputation
    Companies that care about accessibility gain the trust of customers, increasing loyalty and reputation of the business.
  • Improve page SEO
    Having an accessible page improves SEO quality, resulting in better positioning and visibility on search engines and organic traffic.
  • Become a reference in the market
    Optimize your business strategically, stand out, and build a positive image of your company among the public.
  • Be in digital compliance
    Comply with current legislation regarding national and international legal regulations on inclusion.

The Yaman way

Accessibility Journey

Operating end-to-end in the development cycle of a digital product, Yaman identifies and fixes accessibility bugs that may compromise the user experience for individuals with disabilities.

Ensure that applications, whether in production or adaptation, are accessible.

Guidance to teams for necessary corrections.

Yaman Accessibility Ranking 2022
Category: TOP 30 E-commerces

According to a survey conducted by the Yaman team in 2022, more than 70% of e-commerces are already accessible, which demonstrates a market concern in embracing this audience, which recorded a consumption potential of around $22 billion that year. Don’t miss out on this, access our material and count on Yaman to make your business accessible.

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Accessible UX Consulting

An ideal solution for those who want to create accessible and inclusive digital products from the start of their development.

With standard UX documentation and best accessibility practices, we verify how element reading should be and how accessible the elements used by the client are, performing the following:

Automations that accelerate and improve application delivery consistency.

Programmable and dynamic software defined platform.

Collaborative culture that values openness and transparency.

Accessibility Testing

Ensure full usability of the application with testing cycles conducted by experts in assistive technologies and accessibility concepts.

Bugs are reported in detail, indicating the expected behavior and which WCAG standard is being violated.

Offering full support to the development team, we provide guidance on the best way to fix issues and how the application should be.

Accessible Development

Develop accessible applications or fix accessibility issues in web and mobile interfaces.

Receive the files with the corrected application code and documentation on the changes made.

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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