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Social Responsibility

Yaman seeks for its cycle of social responsibility to create initiatives that support the development and inclusion of young Brazilians in situations of social vulnerability.
After all, we exist to deliver the digital experiences that people desire and be the transformation the world needs.

Teu Futuro Yaman (Your Future Yaman)

Yaman believes in technology as a way to transform Brazil and the lives of Brazilians. At the age of 9, Andrey Coelho, ceo of the company, won from his father a course to study technology and had his life transformed.

To continue this cycle, Yaman, in commemoration of 10 years of history, invested in the future of young people through the Thy Future Yaman Project in 2021. The initiative awarded 100 scholarships for students from public schools in Rio Grande do Sul to study technology during 01 year, through the Teu Futuro Digital program.

To check out the testimony of some of the grantees who had their lives transformed by the program, click on the video below.

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Rugby para todos (Rugby for all)

Born within the Community of Paraisópolis, the 2nd largest in São Paulo, with 100,000 inhabitants, the Rugby para todos (Rugby for All) project, in addition to being a talent farm for the Brazilian Rugby Confederation, it transforms the lives of children and adolescents from 6 to 18 years old, public school students and/or who live in a situation of social vulnerability, guaranteeing access to sport and working on their individual and social skills.

Yaman, seeing the incredible work that was developed by the Rugby para Todos (Rugby for All) team, and motivated to encourage the practice of the sport for children and young people, contributed with donations of various sports materials to the institute.

To learn more about the program, visit

Mãos de ajudar (Helping hands)

In 2021, Yaman contributed to the Mãos de Ajudar (Helping Hands) Association, which mobilizes to provide activities related to sports, education, emotional assistance, donation of basic food baskets, clothes and furniture for several families.

Equipment for the computer room was donated, all to improve access to information and studies for all young people supported by the association.

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