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Architecture Use Cases

Architecture Challenges

Keep standards in IT environments

We must determine which technologies that can be maintained by the company and at the same time not prevent new ones from being adopted. Automation is the key to maintaining standards, mitigating risks with change and eliminating manual labor that hinders innovation. Yaman embraces modern standards-setting concepts such as microservice architecture, DevSecOps streams, Agile Infrastructure, and automated Capacity Planning management.

Architecture Solutions

Automation is the key

Infrastructure Standardization: Adopt the Infrastructure as Code concept for automated change management and standardization in IT environments. Automatically scale projects based on predefined infrastructure models.

Process Standardization: We offer process analysis for change management in software development and infrastructure through DevSecOps racks. Apply changes through DevOps tracks that ensure safe traceability, automation and reversal. We evaluate current processes, recommend new standards, and implement automation to ensure compliance.

Resource Management: Adopt the Yaman Predictor solution and discover in real time where available computing resources are consumed and size your servers accordingly. Get predictions through the AI system to precede actions in your annual planning.

Architectural Analysis: We provide analysis of software architecture and infrastructure, and develop reports with standards to be followed by teams and vendors that can guide evolution and ensure desired standards.

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