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Use Cases CIO

Challenges of a CIO

Are market technologies and practices the solution to your problems?

Assertive decisions are those backed by data. It is impossible to improve what cannot be measured. Yaman offers services for metric consolidation and KPI delivery and strategic support for assertiveness in the most important phases in any business: planning.

CIO Solutions

Invest for better results by making your processes more efficient

Dashboards with KPIs: Get consolidated, business-oriented insights into your application development, delivery, and support processes, and find out where you can improve and what needs to be scaled in order to invest assertively.

Budget Planning: Count on Yaman to plan your IT budget. We have the knowledge of the best practices and tools and will help you define the best strategy for maximizing your investments.

Reduce Recurrent Costs: One of the biggest IT operating costs is cloud services and there is always a way to optimize them. The Yaman Predictor solution generates resource usage metrics and, through AI, makes predictions and simulations. Discover idle and over-allocated resources in virtual cloud services that consume investments that could be targeted to deliver greater value to the company.

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