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Use Cases for Developer

Developer Challenges

Quality Speed for efficient teams

The biggest challenge for development teams is to turn good ideas into systems that meet their users' expectations as soon as possible. It takes speed and assertiveness in deliveries to engage customers and outperform competitors. Yaman services are designed to meet these goals. We work with a lot of automation and streamlined agile processes to reduce tasks that add no value and stifle innovation.

Solutions for a Developer

To optimize Developer teams we offer:

Expand your team: We allocate the best professionals to leverage your projects in the time and duration you need. Setting up squads.

Software Factory: We operate as part of your business, with incremental and frequent deliveries for transparency and assertiveness. Unit and quality testing guaranteed on all deliveries. Additionally we may include Acceptance Tests.

Continuous Integration: Implementation of Continuous Integration tracks to automate build processes and apply functional tests (unit and code quality) with each commit, providing feedback and metrics instantly to the entire development team.

Agile Methodology: We offer assisted adoption of Agile methods for incremental deliveries, where we improve based on experimentation.

TDD: Unit testing is critical to effective development teams. Test Driven Development (TDD) will allow you to achieve 100% unit test coverage plus a cleaner design for the code you create.

Versioning strategies: support for defining and implementing branch-based or trunk-based policies. We adapt the workflow and DevOps tracks according to the desired strategy.

Feature toggle: Find out how to adopt the feature that lets you release new features we've disabled in production. Essential for teams who want to make continuous and frequent deliveries.

Database Migration: Manage database changes as part of the development application code. Get traceability and restore your database according to the released version.

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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