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Use Cases for Operations

Operations Challenges

Agile Infrastructure

Agile methods have transformed software development with frequent deliveries and Operations teams have had to adapt their processes to meet demands at the time the business requests. Yaman services make Operations teams more agile by using large-scale automation, DevOps treadmills, IaC and a proven SRE team.

Solutions for Operations

To optimize Operations teams we offer:

DevOps Track: We deploy Delivery and Continuous Deployment track with leading market orchestrators. Automatically provide environments with your applications, ensure standardization, traceability, instant feedback, and rollbacks in a predictable, repeatable, and reliable deployment flow. We support Blue / Green, Canary, and Rolling Update.

Cluster Kubernetes: Migrate your servers to a highly available and elastic infrastructure that meets the dynamic needs of your business. Reduce costs with virtual resources and simplify service management. We support AWS EKS, Azure AKS, Google GKS and IBM IKS and Red Hat Openshift solutions.

Infrastructure As Code: Transform manual configurations of your physical or virtual servers into declarative scripts to ensure standardization and abstraction of complexities. Manage your infrastructure in the same way you do with software in development. We support Ansible, Puppet, Chef, CloudForm, Terraform and Docker.

Capacity Planning: Automate Infrastructure Capacity Management with Yaman Predictor software. Get consolidated metrics about resources in use and get automatic trend predictions for assertive decision making. Reduce costs with virtual services, anticipate anomalies, simulate, and reduce repetitive and manual tasks.

Site Reliability Engineering: Our SER team is dedicated to supporting Development and Operations teams in ensuring the availability of their applications and the experience of their users. We work on reducing unplanned work and optimizing everyday tasks. Projects for implementation of automated environments, system stabilization, performance and application security analysis, development of robots for repeatable tasks automation, predictive analysis and dashboards for integrated and executive views.

Expand your team: We allocate the best professionals to leverage your projects in the time and duration you need. Setting up squads.

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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