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Use Cases for QA

QA Challenges

Quality Speed for efficient teams

Quality processes are essential for delivering innovative and competitive software. They are an integral part of development and closely related to business processes. Yaman has complete solutions to optimize, scale and transform quality processes according to your needs.

QA Solutions

Optimize, scale and transform quality processes

Continuous Testing: Create automated tests that keep up with your agile development. Essential for Continuous Delivery. We operate in software quality process transformation, Agile Testers allocation and Aging Scaling. We offer solutions for visual and assisted test automation, data management (TDM) and service virtualization. We adopt TDD and BDD.

CI / CD Tracks: We deploy Continuous Integration and Delivery mats to ensure your automated or manual tests are performed. Get quick feedback, metrics and ensure your Software Quality process traceability.

Functional tests: We structure and scale your Quality process. Count on our Test Factory to perform manual and exploratory tests and test automation integrated to your business needs. We operate with API testing, TDD and BDD practice. Allocation of QA professionals in the profile and period you need.

Non-Functional Testing: We apply manual and automated performance and safety testing to your applications. Accessibility and usability validations. DevSecOps process integrated testing. Allocations according to your need.

ERP and Mainframe Testing: Creation of automated tests to validate modifications to ERP and SAP solutions, along with mainframe applications. Expand your tracks to include ERP and Mainframe projects.

Crowndtesting: Test your chances with real users, anticipate user feedbacks for the business, and win Time to Market. A Platform that brings together hundreds of testers to validate your applications and provide new insights.

Deliver an amazing, error-free and bug-free user experience to your customers!

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